T.I.S. srl has all the insurance coverage required by law to guarantee a safe service to all its customers, not only during transport. In fact, it offers customers an “all risks” coverage against all possible damages associated with a move when providing a “Door to Door” service and therefore, includes coverage during each of the following phases; packaging, loading, transport, delivery and reassembly.


The customer must compile a valued list of the goods to be transported and T.I.S. srl will take care of the insurance coverage in its order and account by delivering to the customer the certificate issued by the insurance company.

In the event of a claim, the company will provide all the necessary assistance to obtain the liquidation in the shortest possible time.


The insurance can be taken out with regards to the “Door-to-Door” formula or it can be adapted to any other type of shipping service. These may include origin services, destination services, land, sea and air freight as well as the transportation of any good, be it an antique piece of furniture, a vehicle or a highly valued exhibition painting.


To further guarantee safety during transport, T.I.S. Salatino uses a specialized “T.I.S. srl” seal for every container shipment and a satellite remote surveillance system that allows for the identification of the vehicle during its entire journey.


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