T.I.S. Srl – SALATINO is registered in the interprovincial Freight Forwarders and Hauliers register and in addition to being a leader in the field of international road transport, it also specializes in sea and air freight. For more than 35 years it has operated within a worldwide network of agents qualified by the leading international trade associations.

Through this sophisticated network of local and foreign agents, Salatino is not only able to fulfil any transport requirement to and from Italy, but between foreign locations as well.


The company also makes use of the best customs agents worldwide who are specialized in import/export formalities. Thanks to the long-standing relationships with same and the experience gained over the years, the team has attained valuable knowledge on customs issues, both in and outside of the EU, thus ensuring that the necessary customs operations related to the transport of our customer’s goods are carried out efficiently and successfully.


International shipping is a very complex undertaking. It requires the involvement of highly qualified and trained personnel. This allows T.I.S. Srl to guarantee that goods entrusted to the company are delivered to their final destination in perfect condition, in the shortest possible time, at the best price, using the most efficient means necessary.


Professionalism, work ethic, reliability and respect for its customers is exactly what characterizes the T.I.S. Srl team, placing it amongst the elite in the industry.


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