With the best professionals in the sector, T.I.S. Srl carries out local, national and international removals by land, sea and air freight.
Enrolled in the inter-provincial register of shippers and hauliers, it makes use of the expertise of the SALATINO family, which for over thirty five years has been operating in the removals sector worldwide.

The Company carries out transport and removals services for the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Defense, Institute for Foreign Trade as well as for numerous agencies and entities. It adheres to various international trade associations such as:



Located north of Rome (FLAMINIA), Salatino has a modern warehouse specially designed and used for the storage of its client’s furniture and personal belongings.
With special containers, cold storage units, armoured rooms and modern equipment, the company is able to safely handle all of its customers’ goods.

The list below highlights some data pertaining to the FLAMINIA office north of Rome:

  • Surface: 10,000 square meter
  • Reinforced concrete warehouse: 1800 square meters
  • Offices: 500 square meters
  • Night watchman;
  • Internal and perimeter anti-theft security systems;
  • 24 hour video surveillance;
  • Iron containers for secure storage;
  • Forklifts and modern equipment suitable for handling goods;
  • Specialized labour;
  • Large, supervised parking lot.




At the head of the company Armando, Irene, Maria and Valerio Salatino collaborate with the best professionals in the sector, conscious of the fact that a good service rendered is worth the trust and esteem of its customers.