T.I.S. SRL provides removal services for companies all over the world, successfully moving office contents; furniture, safes, laboratories, general equipment, warehouses and archives.


With the best professionals in the sector and with a team that is dedicated to efficient company relocations, we place the utmost care when transferring all of the client company’s departments inclusive of all their equipment to the new desired location.

Based on the needs of our clients the company takes care of the packing and unpacking of all elements of the office on time, while strictly following new office layouts supplied and adhering to local laws and times.


T.I.S. Srl also arranges for the removal of unwanted materials and the disposal of any furniture the client may no longer need.


As part of its service, Salatino furthermore carries out the management and storage of its clients’ archives.

Over and above simple storage, the client may request added special services such as the classification of all company documents as well as the searching and retrieval of specific documents they may require.

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