Need to ship goods in small quantities?

Salatino’s Groupage service is fast and affordable. When you don’t have large quantities of goods to ship, the groupage service is an excellent economic solution to ship your goods.

Groupage transport consists of grouping in a single transport operation various small batches of goods from different senders at origin to form a single, large batch to be forwarded to destination.
Once arrived at destination, the forwarding agent will proceed with the deconsolidation of the goods and their delivery to the individual recipients.

Groupage shipments are always handled by T.I.S. Srl’s personnel who guarantee safe and fast transport of the goods.

International Groupage Destinations:

Weekly departures: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France, Luxembourg, Great Britain.
Monthly departures: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Russia, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, United States, China




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