T.I.S. Srl carries out storage and safe-keeping of furniture.


A specific area of the company’s warehouse is used for the safe-keeping of stored furniture which is constantly monitored by a video surveillance system with perimeter alarm and 24 hour security.


Client goods kept on company premises are stored inside iron containers guaranteeing total safety against deterioration, especially during medium to long-term storage periods.


After extensive experience in the storage of furniture, the warehouse facility in the north of Rome (FLAMINIA area) has been designed and set up to the following criteria:





Over 10,000 square meters in total, including 300 of offices, 3,000 of reinforced concrete deposit area and 4,000 of vehicle parking.





24 hour video surveillance and security guard, latest generation perimeter alarm system.





Management of a computerized archiving and labelling system for all incoming documents and packages.





Storage of goods in special burglar-proof iron containers and closing of its doors with numerically coded seals.



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