Relocation e Immigration

Changing homes is not always easy, and changing cities is even more difficult.
It is for this reason that in order to alleviate customer stress levels, T.I.S. Srl extends a helping hand to its clients by providing them with a series of moving and settlement services for the entire family in the new city of destination.
Said services may include support in finding a suitable home dependent on customer needs, identifying schools most suitable to their children or facilitating the handling of any administrative or bureaucratic requirements.
Also, Salatino provides the client the option to safely store away any assets that would otherwise remain unattended should they need to leave the country temporarily.
In essence, the company will accommodate all its clients with personalised service packages according to their needs.

– First contact with the client and informative meeting on client preferences
– New city orientation consultancy
– Overview of local services, public transport systems and healthcare
– Shopping and leisure
– Consulting (hourly rate)

– Targeted property search
– Visit of property types (max 4)
– Visit of property types (max 10)
– Contract negotiation
– Conclusion and signing of contract
– Utilities connection (package)
– Single utility connection

– Search and selection of school(s)
– Guided visits to school(s)
– School enrolment assistance
– ASL (healthcare) registration
– Selection of a private medical centre
– Security and Insurance
– Renovation services
– Language courses

– Fiscal Code
– Residency permit requests
– Immigration

-Obtainment of certificate of residence
– Identity card
– City centre parking passes
– Opening of bank account
– Expiring documents management
– Visas

– Closing of utilities
– Single utility closure
– Check-out
– Bank account closure

– Insurance policy assistance
– Registration and nationalization of vehicles and motorcycles
– Driver’s license assistance
– Home Staging
– Pet relocation

– Renovation of villas and apartments
– Civil constructions of every type
– Road construction
– Construction and safety of civil works
– Retaining walls and environmental works
– Construction of swimming pools
– Photovoltaic and solar panels


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