The vehicle nationalization service is offered to customers who need to nationalize and register a FOREIGN  vehicle in Italy, and therefore, need to obtain an Italian license plate. 


Salatino makes use of the best ACI agencies in Rome and its province. At favourable prices for their customers, they take care of all the necessary import procedures for vehicles from all over the world and are able to quickly obtain the license plates for circulation.


Following the entry into force of the 2018 Security Decree of 04/12/2018, registration with an Italian license plate is required for all vehicles owned by foreign citizens within 60 days from the date that the residence is requested. If the Decree is not respected and a foreign citizen is caught driving a vehicle with a foreign number plate after 60 days from the request date for residence, the vehicle will be sequestrated in addition to the owner receiving an administrative penalty of € 712.00.


After 180 days without the vehicle being registered in Italy and without the owner having requested permission to drive the vehicle across the Italian border, the sanction of administrative confiscation is applied. In other words, the definitive seizure of the vehicle with sale thereof through judicial auction will occur. The total amount generated by the sale will be collected by the tax authorities. This regulation is applicable to both EU and EXTRA-EU vehicles.


Current legislation provides the possibility to register a European Community vehicle without subjecting it to prior technical testing, provided that it has fulfilled its periodic inspections in the country of origin. Testing is mandatory for all vehicles from non-EEC countries as well as for trucks.


For all the necessary forms to be submitted to the registration agency and for all other information, please contact us.


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